Revolutionize how you show up

in the world.

UNEARTHED is a 3-month experience that includes a 7-day retreat in the Brazilian wilderness.

4 Weeks


Virtual Preparation

1 Week


Immersion Retreat

8 Weeks


Critical Integration

Allow the forces of nature to help you understand the blueprint of who you really are.

I felt like I was tapped into this feminine energy that I had never connected with my entire life. That was so powerful and so incredible. Even my partner was like, “I have never seen that side of you before”. And that awoke this whole other side to him too. We tapped into this incredible energy. That's is so beautiful and empowering. And I loved it. It was so beautiful.

—Lacey, Founder & Owner of C.M.S Skin Care

You’re already a powerful woman making an impact. But the hustle of how you are doing life is not sustainable. It only leads to burnout and breakdown. Putting others' needs before your own has you worn out, including your business.

At UNEARTHED you’re going to learn how to have it all. The thriving business, the soul-aligned partnership AND a deep connection with your feminine, allowing your true essence to flow through you with pleasure and ease.

This is your invitation to join me and an intimate group of powerhouse women in the heart of the Brazilian wild: together we will unearth our deepest truths and embody our most expressed selves while immersing ourselves in the sacredness of Amazonian spirituality.

UNEARTHED is spearheading the Feminine Leadership Revolution. Our mission is to give women leaders access to the power of their feminine. And we want you to join the movement. 

Nana, thank you so much for this experience. I'm so honored that you held this space for us. You pulled a version of me that I had been waiting for and now that she's here, I just want to share her and share my love. And it's all because of you trusting your heart, you teaching us all of your gifts and your lessons, and it's such

a beautiful journey to be a part of.

I am forever honored and grateful. I did not know what the word life-changing meant, honestly, till yesterday. And I just, I will never forget this time in my life. Thank you. I love you.

—Diana, Legal Advisor

Fall into deep, sacred,

unconditional love with all of


This retreat is for...

the woman who holds so much for others and is now ready to be held.

Perhaps you’re no stranger to accomplishment. Being successful is so familiar to you that you might even be hiding behind it. It’s your security blanket. Your safe space. You might be using it as a shield to block from deep, vulnerable connections with others and with yourself. 

You could keep doing what you’re doing… building the business, growing the family, making the money, and feeding your addiction to the hustle… but you still won’t feel satisfied. 

This is for the woman who is ready to put herself first and take up space.

You have this calling within that there’s MORE for you, that you’re READY for another level of clarity, confidence, of feeling deeply worthy in all areas of your life.

Only when you’re able to find that deep, sacred, satisfaction within yourself and without any external distractions that you’ll embody true joy.

Does this resonate?

  • You feel emotionally guarded and desire to have deeper levels of intimacy with yourself and others.
  • You want to feel light and open yourself up to immense, juicy pleasure and sensuality.
  • You’re operating from a hyper-vigilant state in some of your relationships and in your business.
  • You want to heal unresolved wounding in your family that is stoping you from feeling fully safe within.
  • You feel resistance to take space in your life, maybe even an aversion to it.
  • You want to increase your capacity to receive hidden levels of love, joy and abundance available to you.
  • You’re committed to being a stand for future generations of women leaders on what it means to be truly empowered.

You’re done with temporary.

You’re ready for a cellular remembrance of who you truly are. When you find it, letting go of things that are out of alignment and embodying your integrated truth becomes simple.

At UNEARTHED, you leave with a clear distinction between what you’re available for, and what you’re not available for. Your reality shifts. You start to see things differently, approach your daily life differently, and expand your personal and professional relationships in ways that once seemed impossible.

The results are profound, and you are worthy of it all.

Your answers are waiting in the

Brazilian wild.


If you feel the pull in your heart to be here, answer it, jump, take the leap. I felt this calling and I also felt such a great resistance towards coming. And as soon as I said yes, so much magic unfolded. And since being here, I just have been thanking myself over and over for saying yes. This retreat is life-changing.

—Alex, Writer and Coach

The Outcomes…

What happens when you step into a thriving paradigm that actually serves you? Join us to find out.

During your time at UNEARTHED, you gain access to your deepest truths and embody your most expressed self. Every aspect of your life will activate to elevate and serve your highest good.



  • Approach your business and manage your wealth through a brand new lens.
  • Create a rhythm allowing your visionary creative energy to flow.
  • Find your sense of worth beyond your external accomplishments.
  • Transcend society’s image of who you are “supposed to be.”
  • Release the pressure of doing it all on your own.
  • Access the most powerful sense of clarity to accelerate your new becoming.
  • Channel your determination through softness and pleasure.
  • Upgrade your inner operating system from force to ease and flow.



  • Deeply associate with yourself, your physical body, and your feminine essence.
  • Prioritize yourself… GUILT FREE.
  • Fall in love with all parts of you–the good, the extraordinary, the bad, and the really ugly.
  • Integrate all parts of you… the boss, the nurturer, the fiery seductress. (I know you miss her! And trust me… she misses you too.)
  • Expand your capacity to receive. 
  • Find a sense of unshakable safety within.
  • Safely and powerfully step into your fullest expression.
  • Find deep meaning and purpose in your womanhood.



  • Deepend the trust and intimacy in your relationship.
  • Turn up the heat and immerse yourself in passion.
  • Learn how to soak in and enjoy every delicious moment leading up to the orgasm.
  • Connect with your partner on a deep, soul-centered level.
  • Enjoy more energy and a higher sex drive.
  • Learn communication techniques that will help you move through challenges with truth, grace and playfulness.
  • Unleash a new chapter of divine intimacy and connection.

I didn't really understand all the different qualities of the feminine and some of them were being so disrespected and undervalued by me. Everything that it can be, everything that it means, it really showed me the strength in the presence of the void, of the mystery we hold inside. The qualities of the passive, of being the receiver. I know the feminine is not just that, but those were the qualities that I was overseeing. The healing was through beauty here.

—Maria, Corporate Lawyer and Entrepreneur

Landing in Brazil


From the moment you land in Brazil, we will be there to pick you up from the airport and safely deliver you to the retreat grounds. Fly to Brazil and the rest is on us.

Each day you will be guided through various activities to help you navigate the shedding of layers and connection to your deep feminine essence. You’ll also work with ancient medicine to guide and support you on this journey.

Nothing here is mandatory, but it’s all available to you.

The Experience b

Here’s what you can expect when you join us in Brazil for UNEARTHED.

Medicines + Ceremonies

  • 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies (lead by Huni Kuin leader, Būke Huni Kuin)
  • Temazcal (sweat lodge, a Lakota tradition)
  • 2 Cacao ceremonies
  • Rhapé
  • Sananga


Tradition + Rituals

  • Herb blessing bath
  • Body painting
  • Cultural exchange
  • Medicine music concert

Coaching + Facilitation

  • Integration Workshops
  • Breathwork
  • Embodiment Practices

Years of Therapy in Just One Night

The Kupixawa is the main spiritual gathering room, where all the magic takes place!

The sacred fire runs throughout the entire ceremony, alchemizing and burning away all that is UNEARTHED from the ceremony.

Participants getting ready to enter the Temazcal, “the womb of the Earth”.


Uní – Nixi Pãe – Ayahuasca is an ancient medicine used by many indigenous peoples of South America to connect with the spiritual world through visions, intuitions and expansion of consciousness.

This sacred drink is reported by many as “years of therapy in just one night” and a tool that awakens one’s talents. Ayahuasca is a bridge to the sacred, the divine, the world of dreams and mysteries.

The ceremonies are held throughout the night until dawn, with powerful songs from the native nations, which consist of spiritual codes that call the spirits and entities of the forest.

The songs and medicine also help to access channels of spiritual connection within our bodies and superior spiritual realities. The medicine works to release old traumas, re-establishing harmony and alignment of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.



The Temazcal or Inipi ceremony is one of the oldest rituals of pre-Columbian America. The Inipi (in Lakota tradition) or Temazcal (in Mexika tradition, meaning sweat house) symbolizes the womb of the Earth, where we enter for rebirth.

Through contact with the 4 elements, the heat, the steam emanated from the hot stones and sacred songs of the Lakota and Mexika traditions, we connect with the forces of Nature and the spiritual world. It is a ritual of purification, blessing, emotional unlocking, and expanding awareness

Each of these medicines and ceremonies has been carefully woven into your experience with intentionality and deep respect for the medicines.

We don't believe in appropriation.

Participating in the Ayahuasca ceremonies at UNEARTHED gave me an embodied experience for something I had been working on for over 3 years in business: To truly take space. To truly honor my needs. And putting self-care above all else.

Briony, 7 Figure Founder of Untapped

Ceremonies Led by Spiritual Teachers Who Have Dedicated Their Lives to Honor and Share the Medicine With Us


Preparation + Integration


Before the Retreat

In preparation for the ceremonies we will all follow a diet to prepare our bodies to receive the medicine. We will provide guidelines and support 4 weeks before the retreat begins.

We believe that the ceremony begins the moment you commit to this journey. There will be a Telegram group open for all participants to receive support on anything that may arise.

After the Retreat

The post-retreat integration phase is essential and is one of the things that sets us apart. There is no transformation without integration. In order to truly see the long-lasting outcomes you want out of this experience, applying your teachings to the “real world” is key, and you’ll be supported the whole way through.

We will host and facilitate weekly Zoom calls for integration.

What to Expect Each Day

Day 1 b

  • You’ll familiarize yourself with Akasha and get settled in our beautiful space, tucked into the mountains of Brazil, surrounded by nature and waterfalls. Then, we’ll have an opening ceremony with cacao, sharing circle, music, and dancing by the fire.

Day 2 b

  • Layers start to shed. You will let the old parts die, dismantle your outdated belief systems, and get rid of the masks that are preventing you from calling in more of what you desire. Learn the art of surrender and how to allow the discomfort. Then you’ll participate in a rebirth ceremony and prepare yourself for the Ayahuasca ceremony. (Not mandatory.)

Day 3 b

  • Start embracing all parts of yourself and taking ownership of your reality. This is so potent! You’ll move through different states of consciousness and liberate yourself from anything that has ever stripped you of your power.

Day 4 b

  • Start filling your basket with the tools you’ll need to build the reality you are committed to creating. By activating the wisdom centers within your body, you’ll discover how incredibly resourceful you are. You get to be your own guide on your path to aligned empowerment.

Day 5 b

  • It’s time to unleash your expression! This will be a deep, sexy, and playful day as you allow yourself to take up space, own who you are, and expand your ability to receive. We’ll also have our second Ayahuasca ceremony. (Not mandatory.)

Day 6 b

  • Experience what it feels like to honor yourself. Learn to surrender in co-creation with the divine and shift from control to trust, push to flow, and fear to love. You’ll tighten your relationship with the invisible force that holds us all together and ALWAYS has your back.

Day 7 b

  • We wrap up our experience in the most delicious way possible! You’re going to make the biggest commitment and most powerful declarations to yourself and ground into the devotion of your soul’s mission.

The results are profound and you're worthy of it all.

“I’m operating from a completely different light than where I was. It’s now more of an intuitive gut sense of the right things and the right decisions and so much more inflow and just going with it in a way that feels actually not that scary, which is good. It’s Awesome."

Elizabeth, Founder of WoMo

Your Home During UNEARTHED


Located in the mountains of Itaipava, less than 2 hours away from the international airport of Rio de Janeiro, Aldeia Akasha is the perfect place for deep immersions in healing with medicinal plants. Its exuberant vegetation, natural swimming springs, and waterfalls are integrated with spaces specially built for a nature-immersive spiritual retreat.

All of the Center's facilities follow principles of bio-construction, sustainability integration with nature, and sacred geometry, potentiating the energetic flow. 

The beautiful waterfall feeds running water through Akasha.

Accommodations + Food


The Accommodations

Akasha’s bungalows offer the comfort of an Eco Resort and its sauna includes natural organic herbs harvested from Akasha's own garden.

The Food

Our Chefs carefully curate the menu to nourish and prepare our bodies for the journey. Tasty and healthy meals, mostly from Akasha’s garden, and adaptable to all dietary restrictions will be served.

Hear from Past UNEARTHED Participants

These women went through it, and their lives were forever changed.



“Let Joy Be the Compass.”


Your Leader



Renata De Melo (aka Nana) —Feminine Revolutionary and Modern-Day Medicine Woman

First, I'm deeply honored to be connecting you to something so sacred to me, our indigenous people and their medicines. It is a privilege to be able to learn from them and I don't take it for granted.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I come from a long lineage of medicine women where my grandma was the leader of a temple.

Spirituality and plant medicine were always a part of my life and when I turned 15, I left Brazil to move to Canada alone. There I lived for 18 years, always nurturing my spiritual roots.

In 2017, I had a dream that brought me to my first Ayahuasca ceremony. There, I received the message:

"Let joy be the compass."

This changed my life!

My mission is to elevate and expand feminine leadership on the planet by helping women, visionaries and leaders, shift the paradigm they lead from and be fully integrated in their world- business, relationship and self. Moving from masculine hustle to feminine ease and flow, so they can keep making a massive impact in an aligned and sustainable way.

Get ready for a combination of laser intuition, nurturing holding, and fierce courage guidance to help you embody your fullest expression, with ease, flow, grace, joy, and an immense amount of pleasure.

Meet the Team



An actress by training, artisan and dancer, researching the interlace of movements, voice, elementals, dreams, poetry, spirituality and in the last three years diving into the principles of butoh dance.

My journey with the ancient traditions began in 2011, when I began my studies with sacred medicines and diets with the Yawanawa and Hunikuin people of the Amazon, and with the red path, in the Lakota tradition.

Since then I have participated and hosted hundreds of ceremonies, retreats and immersions with the indigenous people at Akasha village.

Marcella is our host and will be co-leading many rituals and ceremonies as well as leading our Butoh practice.

Būke Huni Kuin

Būke Huni Kuin lives in the indigenous land of Rio Jordão - Boa vista village, has a vast knowledge of the graphics of her people, been an expert in the arts of body painting, weaving and beadwork. Lately she has dedicated herself to the study of Nixi Pae chants, medicinal plants, and traditional forest cures. Bunke is also a great female leader of all the indigenous land, being one of the precursors to organize a movement of women to conduct Nixi Pãe ceremonies. She has traveled throughout Brazil and Europe taking her studies and spirituality with her, and also receives a great flow of people in her village, interested in sharing the ways of life and knowledge that she and her family members experience.

Būke will lead our Ayahuasca ceremonies.


Your Questions, Answered


Click the question to read the answer.

GIG or SDU (Rio de Janeiro)

New dates coming soon

All sales are final, however, we know life happens and that's why we have a policy for real life. If something happens that you can't join us, you'll have a credit towards a future UNEARTHED retreat of your choosing.

Akasha is nested in the mountains of Itaipava, about 1.5hr from Rio de Janeiro, in between mountains that feel like the guardians of this sacred place, waterfalls and so much nature.

Our driver will pick you up at the airport. Most international flights arrive in Rio de Janeiro early in the morning, we will have two pick-up groups to accommodate everyone's arrival time. The same will be available for your return flights.

No, we respect your time. All participants can arrive on October 16th and leave on October 22th, we will help you to select the best flights. If you choose to stay longer, let us know and we can support you with that as well.

Vegetarian meals mostly picked from the garden at Akasha will be served. Fish and chicken will be offered some days for those who are not vegetarian. If you have any food allergies and restrictions, please let us know to make sure we can accommodate you.

We will be nested in one of the most tranquil areas, surrounded by mountains and away from the big city. Making this safe for you is our top priority, which is why you're being picked-up and dropped off at the airport. The area where Akasha is located is extremely safe, not to mention we will be protected by our spirit guides 😉

Brazilians and foreigners no longer need to take a Covid-19 test and fill out the Traveler's Health Declaration (DSV) to enter Brazil, travelers must only present proof of vaccination with the primary cycle completed at least 14 days ago.

The requirement for proof of vaccination does not apply to people who are not eligible for immunization, either due to age or health conditions proven by medical certificate.

Yep! Of course, in order for you to get the full benefit and value of being in this immersive experience, we recommend that you minimize your time with technology, however, we understand some of us have to keep some level of connection with the outside world. Wifi is available at Akasha.

Everything except your plane ticket will be included in your UNEARTHED journey! Meals, transportation (including to and from the airport), accommodations, and more are all already taken care of. All you have to do is book your ticket, show up with an open mind and an open heart, and let the retreat do the rest.

Yes, there is a payment plan option. Reach out and we will co-create a solution together. Please note the amount is non-refundable.

You are in 100% choice up until the medicine is served, if you do not feel called to drink the medicine at the time of serving, you do not have to. The medicine will be available and has been carefully integrated in the retreat to provide you the most expansion and connection to your own source. You get to choose what is best for you at the time of the ceremony. Once we start the ceremony all participants get to stay until the end.

The ceremony will be led by indigenous women leaders from the Amazon in the state of Acre, and will be supported by 10 guardians. We will have 20 participants, there will be plenty of support available.

There will be instructions sent to you to make sure you're prepared and ready to receive the medicine, if you choose.

If you have any other questions that we haven't covered here, the best way to have them answered is by booking a call. That's step one. Everything that follows has the potential to change your life.

I definitely feel like I've been letting go of a lot of fears that were running my life and really just opening my eyes to realizing that those fears never really existed only in my mind. And that was preventing me from everything I was doing.

My fear of success, my fear of failure, my fear of pregnancy.
There were all of these things that were leading my life. And now those are gone and I'm like actually facing what's real and it's quite beautiful.

A little scary, but it's beautiful.

Lacey, Founder & Owner of C.M.S Skin Care

I can’t wait to welcome you with a real-life hug, and be your guide through this journey.


A note from my mentor


"Blessings and blessings, Preston Smiles, author of love louder 33 ways to amplify your life. Founder of Kaboom coaching, co-founder of Elementum Institute of coaches and I have had the beautiful, distinct pleasure of working with side-by-side with the amazing powerhouse that is Renata (aka Nana). This woman is the perfect combination of spirituality meets toughness.

She will hold you to the fire. While also tapping in and she has this smooth, loving tone while also being able to see where you are hiding and call you forward and forth in a way in which, not many coaches can, if you're thinking about working with her, the answer is yes, and yes, for a thousand years, like do it right now.Jump get off the fence. This woman is the real deal."

- Preston Smiles

If you're feeling the nudge, do it!

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